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Childhood is our most precious asset


Selección oficial ME Film Festival
Selección oficial Social World Film Festival
Selección oficial Manuel Trujillo & Duran National & International Shor Film Festival

Winning short film from: Best Thriller, Best Director, Best Actress Under 18, Audience Award, Best Drama, Best Foreign Short Film, and Best Cinematography

Premi del Public Filmets Badalona Film Festival
Mejor actriz joven Global Nonviolent Film Festival
Mejor Trhiller Florence Film Awards
Mejor actriz menor de 18 años Queer International Film Festival Playa del Carmen
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Years ago Paula got used to beatings from her father, a macho and drunk man.

Now Paula's main support is her friend Clara, a girl of the same age with whom she is united by something more than a fondness for collecting abandoned watches.

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Data sheet

Director: José Luis López

Producer: Alejandro López

Art director: Steve Gimeno

Director of photography: José Luis López

Screenwriters: Sonia Giménez and José Luis López

Production: Punto y Aparte Films

Makeup and Hairdressing: Tere Afan and Montse Alonso

Category: Fiction, Documentary

Genre: Human Rights, Drama 

Theme: Gender violence, Mental health, Homosexuality, Educational and Social Affairs

Cast: Candela Moreno, Blas Caballero, Ariadna de Guzmán, Enya Lechuga and Monica Ballesteros

Music: Roger Subirana Mata


El Reloj de Paula

It is difficult to determine what triggers a situation of abuse in the family environment. But detecting the indicators is basic and vital to avoid suffering to the victims. El Reloj de Paula invites reflection on child abuse within the family nucleus and the consequences it leaves on the people who suffer from it.

Inspired by various real experiences, “El Reloj de Paula” is a film that is developed with the aspiration of becoming an audiovisual material for social awareness. 

Childhood is our most precious asset and we must work to protect thousands of boys and girls who suffer violence in silence.

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Candela Moreno El Reloj de Paula


Paula is an observant, intelligent and lonely girl who lives humbly with her mother Marina, her father Alfredo and Toffee; a small hamster. She loves being in contact with nature and sharing her hobby of collecting damaged watches with her friend.

Blas Caballero El Reloj de Paula


Alfredo is an aggressive caste individual. Stubborn, macho and drunk. His father was, and grandfather Diego is remembered as a ruthless being who would hang his dogs if they failed to pick up the game.

Enya Lechuga El Reloj de Paula


Clara is an outgoing and adventurous girl. Brave and positive, Clara is a feisty girl used to adversity. It has been 4 years since he was diagnosed with leukemia. But she skillfully defies the course of events.

Ariadna de Guzmán El Reloj de Paula


Paula is a woman marked by her childhood. Physically and psychologically abused from a very young age, first by her father and later by her partner. Paula has become an insecure, lonely and psychologically disturbed person.

Monica Ballesteros El Reloj de Paula


Marina always wanted to have a family. Marry the love of your life and have at least 3 children. Marina has always been a weak woman of character, a believer in God and traditions. Occupation her work by decree of her husband.

Selections and awards at festivals

Andromeda Film Festival
Social World Film Festival
Festival Nacional e Internacional del cortometraje Manuel Trujillo Durán
Andalesgai Festival internacional de cine lésbico, gay, bisexual y trans de Andalucía
Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge
Diverso Cinema Film Festival
Omovies Film Festival
Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival
Queer International Film Festival
Festival Del Cinema Benevento
Phoenix Short Film Festival
Global Nonviolent Film Festival
Festival Angaelica
ME Film Festival
Festival Internacional Santander
Filmets Badalona Film Festival
Jaipur International Film Festival
Festival Cine Infancia Bogota
Jaipur Film World
Festival Cortos K-Lidoscopi
Festival Lunade Cortos
International Human Rights Film Festival
Florence Film Awards
Silicon Beach Film Festival
Festival Cinema Cefalù
Super Shorts Film Festival
Sant Andreu de la Barca International Film Festival


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