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A documentary based on thousands of true stories


Seleccion oficial Filmets Badalona Film Festival
Seleccion oficial Guangzhou International Documentary FF
Selección oficial Marina del Rey Film Festival
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Another year come back the autumn to Sant Boi and along the road of the river Llobregat, convinced with his bike, Carla, a very special Santboiana, had to leave the city for personal reasons. But today is not any Saturday, although the morning augurs unstable weather, the residents of the city have decided to share a time with Carla and all of us. And no one can prevent it from happening, because today ... Today! Sant Boi, breathe another air!

Data sheet

Director: José Luis López

Producer: Alejandro López

Director of photography: José Luis López

Screenwriter: José Luis López

Production: Punto y Aparte Films

Category: Documentary film

Genre: Human Rights, Biopic

Theme: Culture

Cast: Alberto Alguacil, Ariadna de Guzmán, Roland Fosso, Laia Gimeno, Antonio Guerrero, Marta Huerga, Luis Huidobro, Marina Malo, Angel Miralles, Estefania Molina, Enric Montserrat, Candela Moreno and Lidia Treserras.

Music: Roger Subirana Mata


Sometimes everyone, at one time or another, we neglect or underestimate what is closest to us of us. Routine and proximity make important details invisible. Outstanding aspects that are part of our closest environment: That work friend who offers us his shoulder when we feel like crying, the shopkeeper on the corner of the street below, the neighbor who offers us a smile every morning... These and other shared reflections inspire this new short film.

documentary based on thousands of true stories from my city: Sant Boi de Llobregat

Sometimes is necessary to get away from your daily reality to rediscover what you truly appreciate and that roots you in your territory.

Alcachofas Sant Boi


Ariadna de Guzmán Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Carla is a young woman from Sant Boi who is committed to the environment and a natural lifestyle. He likes to eat healthy, is a lover of nature and values tranquility a lot. He loves riding his bike along the Llobregat river path.

Antonio Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Antonio is a 56-year-old man who has not been treated very well by life. The economic crisis ended his job stability and after several temporary occupations and the occasional accident, he is currently desperately looking for a job that will allow him to reach retirement.

Angel Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Ángel is a simple person, friendly and very close to people. When he was very young he was affected by poliomyelitis, a disease that left him in a wheelchair. But far from being discouraged, Ángel is an active and happy person who loves to play sports.

Luisa Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Luisa, is Angel Miralles' partner. They met on the radio when they were radio amateurs. And soon they were married and had children. She, like him, has a physical disability and uses a wheelchair. Currently both dance and compete together in the wheelchair modality.

Alberto Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Alberto is a young entrepreneur from the city of Sant Boi. Currently, together with his family, he runs El Pou de la Beleta, a cozy restaurant located in the Barri Center of Sant Boi, where they offer daily market cuisine made with local products from the Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat.

Marina Malo Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Marina is the daughter of Albert Malo, one of the great references as a Santboiana rugby player. Marina, like her father, is focusing a large part of her time practicing this sport. Marina is a fighter and defender of the capacities and rights of women.

Roland Fosso Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Roland is an African immigrant from Yaundee (Cameroon). Roland's story is the story of so many people who had to leave their homes, their families and their country in search of a future far from war and famine.

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Marta Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Marta is an operating room nurse at the Parc Sanitari de Sant Joan de Déu in Sant Boi. Marta is not from Sant Boi, but according to the exact words “Sant Boi welcomes me every day when I go to work and invites me to come back when the day is over. It is part of my life”

Candela Moreno Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Candela is a passionate and dreamy girl. His life unfolds between school, extracurricular activities and many, many moments of play with his sister and her friends. The future of the city.

Laia Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Laia is a young artist from Sant Boi. Since she was a child she was passionate about drawing and painting. She currently earns a living as a tattoo artist and combines her work with her passion for painting and hyper-realistic drawing.

Lidia Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Lidia is a retired teacher who has dedicated her whole life to teaching. Now what he values most are mountain walks and contact with nature. His great hobby is trekking.

Estefania Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Estefanía is a young woman from Sant Boi who is unemployed. But we don't think this state will last long, because Estefania is quite a character, who likes to train and fight for her dreams.

Enric Sant Boi Respira un Altre Aire


Enric is an artistic producer closely linked to the world of fashion. His homosexual orientation has brought him problems from a very young age, to the point of having to leave the city. But now it's back to stay.

Selections and awards at festivals

Best Global Shorts
Filmets Badalona Film Festival
Guangzhou Documentary Film Festival
Shorts In-Fest
Marina Del Rey Film Festival
Rome Film Awards
First Time Filmmaker Sessions
Daroca Film Festival


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