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Two different worlds will come into contact


Selección oficial  40 Sica Lugo
Selección oficial Festival de cine de Zaragoza
Selección oficial Filmets Badalona Film Festival

Winning short film from: Best short film, best actress under 18 years old, best school short film and best fiction short film

Mejor cortometraje Escuela Muestra de cine Internacional de Palencia
Best Drama Short Los Angeles Cinefest Mi amigo Naim
Mejor Corto Social World Film Festival
Mejor actriz menor de 18 años Corto Week End Sacro Monte Varese



Alba, an 8-year-old girl who lives alone with her father, goes out one night to throw out the garbage. In a dead end, next to the containers, he meets Naim, a South African immigrant. Two different worlds will come into contact to show that friendship has no age, color or borders. In the Universe we are all connected; sometimes capriciously.

mancha acuarela.png

Data sheet

Address: José Luis López

Producer: Alejandro López

Director of photography: José Luis López

Screenwriters: Jesus Puchol and José Luis López

Makeup and Hairdressing: Diego Domínguez, Raquel Medina and Astrid Badenas

Production: Punto y Aparte Films

Category: Fiction

Genre: Human Rights, Drama and Teenager

Theme: Economic crisis, Educational, Immigration, Poverty, Racism and Educational

Cast: Candela Moreno, Roland Fosso and Jesús Puchol Cañadas

Music: Roger Subirana Mata


Estrella Mi amigo Naim

The increase in poverty, the fierce struggle for survival and the search for opportunities for immigrants and natives is undermining the peaceful relations that should be maintained between people of any class, race or social class.

Children do not look at language or social class. They simply play with those who share trust and generosity: Their friends.

But this is the world of children, the one that should be. That of adults is different. It moves under other parameters, prejudices and power struggles. A world that, in the worst case, drags the human being to battle, even for a sad piece of bread.

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Candela Moreno Mi Amigo Naim


Alba is an 8-year-old girl who lives in extreme poverty with her father Adolfo. She is apparently a normal, intelligent, smart and outgoing girl. He loves meeting people and making friends. She is bold, a little cheeky and very sensitive

Jesús Puchol Mi Amigo Naim


He is a rude person, bitter and given to drink. Life has not been too kind to him. After losing his job during the crisis, his wife abandoned him.

He has a somewhat aggressive attitude, he adores his daughter, although he often ends up screwing up.

Roland Fosso Mi Amigo Naim


An African immigrant, leaving behind a harsh past, searches the containers at night looking for scrap metal, while during the day he rushes to fulfill the European dream. A dream in a Europe that has nothing to do with the image that is sold of it in Africa.

Selections and awards at festivals

Los Angeles Cinefest
Montecatini Film Festival
Social World Film Festival
Short Film Corner Cannes
Utah Film Festival
Corto Wekend Film Festival
ParisLift-off Film Festival
Bogota Film Festival
Filmets Badalona Film Festival
Muicortos Ciudad Real
Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival
Festival de Cine de Zaragoza
Latin America Independent Film Awards
Muestra de Cine Internacional de Palencia
All Lights India Film Festival
Sant Andreu de la Barca International Film Festival
Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil y Juvenil CaliBélula
Festival de Cine y Artes Visuales Bugarte
Etranger Film Fest
Festival Internacional de Cine de Guayaquil
Semana de cine de Lugo


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