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From the canvas to the big screen


It all starts here

"Never forget where you come from because it is what makes you different"

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While other children played ball and ran around the streets, José Luis López Ortiz was an introverted boy who liked to observe everything that was happening around him.

Draw, colour, paint, build and photograph with the Werlisa Mat, which my father let me use from time to time, formed part of the daily routine that somehow was going to tick my future as a creator.

With a degree in Fine Arts, a diploma in audiovisual production and a Master's in marketing and communication, my professional career has developed and continues to develop as an advertising creative, audiovisual producer and editorial writer.

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"With the spirit of that child who invites his friends to live an adventure, my debut film arrived"

Although many years ago I abandoned the brushes and the oil palette, these have accompanied me in silence all my life. The lights and the cameras and the publishing world have managed to fill that void all these years. But there is always something inside the artist that keeps him on edge and attentive to the dictates of his heart.

In 2015, together with two colleagues, we wrote our first feature film, an endearing work that rests in a drawer waiting for its moment. Because everything has its moment and a reason in this life. 

In 2017, with the spirit of that child who invites his friends to live an adventure, my “first film” arrived: My friend Naïm -a short film about immigration-.

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"I love those movies
who denounce, who refute,
who question, who persuade
and that they fall in love"

"Mi story is not my property but the team and all those who accompany me
in the path"

“My friend Naïm” soon became a piece selected to be part of the Short Film Corner of the Cannes International Film Festival in the spring of 2018. And as the months went by, it won more than 25 selections at renowned international film festivals, obtaining 4 first prizes in Italy, Spain and the United States.


That first adventure meant a before and after in my artistic and professional career. A work that will be marked by two premises: Narrative and photographic experimentation, and the search for excellence in filmmaking processes, supported by the color palette of French impressionism and German expressionism.

But nothing is for ever. So we keep going, because my story is not my property but the team and all those who accompany me along the way. A path that currently has more than 80 international awards.

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"I look for new proposals that motivate me from the beginning"

Looking beyond

Academia del cinema catala
fundado col·legi publicitaris catalunya
punto y aparte films

I have to admit that, today, I look for and accept proposals that motivate me from the very beginning. There are no big or small productions...

... There are only films that say or don't say. I prefer those who denounce, who refute, who question, who persuade and who fall in love.

José Luis López Ortiz is a founding member of the College of Advertising and Public Relations of Catalonia. As well as member of l'Acadèmia del Cinema Català i Premis Gaudí. Y CEO of the production company Punto & Ap(arte) Films



“José Luis López ha sabido narrar, con una cuidada dirección de dos actrices excelentes, una historia llena de matices” 

—  Miguel-Fernando Ruiz de Villalobos 

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