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We live in a society full of prejudices


Mención de Honor 69th Montecatini International Short Film Festival
Selección oficial 72 Salerno Film Festival
Selección oficial New York City International Films Infest

Winning short film from: Best Director, Best Leading Actor, Best Message and Jury Honorable Mention

Mencion de Honor del Jurado 69th Montecatini International
Mejor Actor Top Indie Film Awards
Mejor Director Indian Cine Film Festival
Mejor Mensaje Top Indie Film Awards


Ricardo, a young man recently divorced, is a person closed in on himself, unstable and aggressive. But this morning will not be just any morning. Events will inevitably drag him into what will be the first day of his new life.


Magdalena, a sweet old lady, will have a lot to do

On it.

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Data sheet

Director: José Luis López

Producer: Alejandro López

Director of photography: José Luis López

Screenwriters: José Luis López and Alejandro López

Production: Punto y Aparte Films

Hairdressing: Diego Dominguez

Make-up: Elisabet Suria and Raquel Medina

Category: Fiction

Genre: Human Rights, Drama, Psychological and Thriller

Theme: Social Issues, Educational, Hate, Relationships, Loneliness and Surreal

Cast: Jesús Puchol Cañadas, Sandrine Ferraro, Carme Capdet Montesinos, Roland Fosso, Berta Escobosa, Martí Jiménez and Xabi Hernando

Music: Roger Subirana Mata


Bote de Pastillas La Camiseta

We live in a society full of prejudices, stereotypes and labels. Sometimes we are unfairly labeled by others. But there are cases, all too often, in which we ourselves we self-impose that distorted virtual image.

When we wake up in the morning, without knowing why and perhaps since when, we put on a corset that suffocates us, making us lose our way. That straitjacket is the visible consequence of a cause or problem. The one that unfortunately imprints on us a character by which we are cruelly pre-judged without having all the information.

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Jesús Puchol La Camiseta


Apparently normal and balanced 37-year-old young man, reserved, polite and hard-working. But lately, as a result of his separation and divorce proceedings, he finds himself immersed in an inevitable spiral of rage and hatred for everything that surrounds him. Ricardo has stopped paying attention to work and to himself.

Carme Capdet La Camiseta


Magdalena is a being straddling two worlds or realities. Affectionate and very sure of herself, real or unreal, Magdalena is the clear example of conscience. The one who accompanies us and guides us in our destiny.

Sandrine Ferraro La Camiseta


A 35-year-old woman from a wealthy family, attractive and slender. At present, she has already become Ricardo's ex-partner.

Isabel is a very tidy, patient and pleasant woman to deal with. Realistic and strict in her decision making. Sometimes it may seem that he has a bad temper, but he is not.

Selections and awards at festivals

Vero Beach Wine Film Festival
Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes
Tehran Film Fesival
New York City International Films Infest Festival
Dalmatia Film Festival
Tangier Film Festival
Hollywood Music In Media Awards
Borderscene Film Festival
Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival
Indian Cine Film Festival
Jaipur Film World
Montecatini International Short Film Festival
Los Angeles Cinefest
NYC Film Fest
International Festival del Cinema Salerno
Rome Film Awards
Top Indie Film Awards


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